Teen Gets A Little Extra Help For A Job Interview

You have to admire a teen who wants to give his best for a job interview. 

The young man, 15, walked into his local Target store to purchase a tie before going to a job interview at Chick-fil-A. 

Target employee Cathy Scott told a local TV station she noticed the teen searching through the ties. "I asked him if he needed help and he told me he needed clip on ties," said Cathy. "We didn't have any."

She asked her co-worker Dennis if he could tie a tie, and when he confirmed that he could, the teen purchased the tie and went to Dennis for help. "We took the wrapping off it, and I tied it on my neck, and fit it over head adjusted it and tightened it, fixed all his collar buttons and he was set to go," said Dennis.

As they were helping the teen fix his new tie, Cathy and Dennis offered interview advice, showing him how to look the interviewer in the eye, how to give a strong handshake, and making sure his shirt was tucked.

Watching all of this was shopper Audrey Mark. "It was a very quiet simple moment, but it was very profound honestly kindness - from strangers - in a Super Target," said Audrey. "He leaves and all these Target employees are screaming 'Bye! Good luck! Tell us how it went.'" Audrey snapped a photo of the moment and posted it Target's page to tell them what a wonderful thing happened in the store. 

No word yet if the teen got the job, but he made it past the first part of a three interview process! 

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