Teen stops car to shovel snow for man with walker

Teresa Adams and her son Tommy, 18, were driving along when Tommy urgently told his mom stop the car. She says, "I got scared and asked, 'What's wrong?'''

Tommy spotted 76 year old Clarence Coleman using a walker and struggling to shovel his driveway. It appeared a plow had driven by and built up the snow on the man's driveway. Tommy asked Clarence if he could use his shovel to finish the job.

Theresa said, "I was so proud, I started to cry."

"I try to do good for the elderly because one day I may need help too," Tommy said.

When the job was done, the two shook hands and Clarence thanked Tommy, saying, "God bless you, the world needs more people like you."

We agree. What an awesome young man Tommy is!

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