The Best Event!

Over the years I've attended and participated in many events, conferences, retreats, and concerts. Each one was designed to inspire me and help me to grow spiritually. When I say "many," I mean close to a hundred. That's a lot of input and to be honest, not all of it sticks like it should. 

Why doesn't it stick? Sometimes it's me, if I'm not feeling teachable or receptive. Other times, it's almost like the people that planned the event didn't have me in mind. I have left some events feeling worse about myself than when I came in.

The best event I've ever been to that is designed for women? Dare To Be. It's for single women, married women, women with careers, stay at home moms, young women trying to figure it out, older women who are still trying to figure it out, women who want to grow, women who need to know where their value comes from, and women who need to be reminded of truths they used to know. Dare to Be is for you! Charlotte Gambill is a powerful, practical, amazing Bible teacher and Natalie Grant leads worship and, well, her voice is just heavenly. 

Women are often the last ones to take time for themselves because they feel so responsible for taking care of everyone else. It's my prayer that you will be open to doing something just for you, to really care for your soul. Dare To Be is your chance to do just that on January 31st at APGFCU Arena. Don't miss it!  

Co-host of Tracey and Dave on SHINE-FM.