The Power of Four

My wife Alex and I started doing something new, and it has been amazing.

Each night, after our girls go to bed, we've been reading the Bible together. I told her it keeps me going throughout the day. I'm able to recall the things I read and learned and the things we talked about as I go about my day. It's made such a difference. If I feel anxious, if I feel worried, if there's anything that pops up to where I'm trying to control circumstances and outcomes, I can go right back to what we've been studying together.

Have you heard about the "power of four"? Read the Bible for one day, two days, three days out of the week and you might see a little change in yourself. Read the Bible for four or more days out of the week, and your life changes immensely. There's even scientific evidence that shows the change reading the Bible four or more days a week makes.

I encourage you to try doing this. Alex and I had never read the Bible together before until a few months ago, and it's changed our lives greatly. You can do it on your own, but if you're married, I'd encourage you to do the same thing and read it with your spouse. It's amazing.

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