The Struggle To Hear God In Seasons of Change

When you experience a change or a season of change, what tends to be your knee-jerk response?

I would like to say when I am experiencing change that the first thing I ALWAYS do is come to Jesus and quietly sit with Him, listen to His words, and completely trust Him with the situation. However, if I'm honest, I'm usually quick to form an opinion about what God is doing (or failing to do, in my opinion), stress out, worry, question why this is happening, complain, or figure out how to fix it.

Often times, I find myself trying to tell God I’m listening, but He just isn't speaking to me. Since He isn’t showing up the way I want in the exact time I want, I’m just going to go ahead and figure this out on my own because clearly He has nothing to say.

Here’s what I’ve learned: it isn't about whether or not God is speaking. The Bible shows that God speaks. He spoke to people throughout the Old and New Testament, and He still speaks to us today. When I'm not hearing from Him, it's because I’m either
(a) not listening
(b) trying to listen with a filter of what I want to hear Him say. I can get so busy talking at God, listening for what I want to hear rather than what He is saying
(c) I'm too busy running around doing things that I’m not able to hear

In 1 Kings 19:9-13, God speaks to Elijah, telling him to go out of the cave he was hiding in and stand on the mountain because He's going to pass by. As Elijah is standing on the mountain waiting for God, he experiences a powerful wind, an earthquake, and a fire, but God wasn’t in any of those. God’s voice came in a gentle whisper.

I think often times that is how God speaks to us today. It is in the gentle whisper that He communicates, but there is too much noise and busyness in our lives for us to hear Him.

Bill Hybels says, “If you lower the ambient noise in your life and listen expectantly for those whispers of God, your ears will hear them.”

What if, when we are trying to hear from God and listen to His voice, we were to lower the noise around us and within us, and actually get silent for a period of time to really let Him speak to us? What if, instead of coming with all of our plans, opinions, and agendas, we set those aside and let God set the agenda?

The words listen and silent share the same exact letters, have you ever noticed that?

Laura Smith serves at 95.1 SHINE-FM as Project Manager.