This Boy Got In Trouble In School For Doodling, But Look What Happened Next

9-year-old Joe Whale got in trouble with his teachers for doodling in school. But despite that, his parents continued encouraging him to draw. They knew he was passionate about it and really good at it, too!

They enrolled Joe in an after-school art class, where his teachers and peers quickly noticed his talent. Soon, a restauraunt was contacting him to decorate their store with his drawings!

It was probably pretty awesome for Joe to have permission to draw on the walls. It's even more awesome that his parents encouraged him to pursue his passion, and now he's receiving recognition for something that he was once scolded for.

You can find more pictures of Joe's drawings on his website, The Doodle Boy, his Instagram, or his Facebook.  

*All photos are from The Doodle Boy website, linked above.

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