This Young Man Did Something That Will Make You Smile

Megan Shufflebarger took a trip to her local Target and had no idea her family would be given a lasting memory. 

She shared on her Facebook page,

"We were in target tonight and this younger couple was walking thru the toy aisles listening to Kinley ooh and ahhh and make her birthday list of doll goodies. He asked her which one she picked out and she showed him and said yeah and I really lub dis one. They chuckled and he walked off with the doll and said try to stay over here. I thought it was odd at first but was quickly distracted with more oohing and ahhing. Kinley asked where the dolly was she picked and I told her it would be okay there are more. He came back a few minutes later with her doll, in a bag with a receipt and told her happy birthday, you enjoy your dolly. Seriously. What a reminder to never lose faith in humanity and to be generous and pay it forward. To this generous and humble young man, whoever you are, I hope you see this and more importantly, I hope you know what a good young man you are."

The young man has now been discovered to be Tario Fuller, a freshman running back at Purdue University.

Megan adds,

Tario has inspired our family and the kids are already chattering about ways they can help others. Coltyn said this morning it made him so happy to know someone who didn't know his sister felt like spending his own money on her and how nice that was that he didn't just want to spend it on himself. Most of all I hope it has inspired others to be thankful for all the ways God lets us know that hope is in fact not lost in society as a whole. Galations 6:9. Colossians 3:17. Hebrews 10:24. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.1 Peter 5:5.

Megan tells her local tv station, WLFI - News 18, she wants others to know this act was genuine and not for attention. She hopes the spotlight will inspire more people to follow his lead. We hope sharing this encourages you and inspires you like Tario has inspired us!