Through, Not Around

Think about God making a way when you're in a hard place. When you're going through something. I'll tell you, you gotta learn to encourage yourself in the Word of God, right? And I have been learning to do that.

I have been going through some stuff…everybody's going through stuff. And what God has been showing me is the way through, and not the way around. But I like the way around.

The way around “the stuff” feels so much better. Can we just go around this, God? But He promises He'll go with us, and with us through it.

So, I came up with this little acronym for the word “THROUGH” that helps me. It's really simple, and maybe it'll help you today.

So, think of the word “THROUGH” - T. H. R. O. U. G. H.

T: The “T” stands for trust. Just trust God, this is His love language. Trust God.

H: The “H,” it stands for hope. Hope for what you do not see, yet. Don't hope for what you already have. You're hoping for what you don't have yet. Keep your hope.

R: “R,” remember how he has always been faithful to you. Remember specific ways that He's come through for you.

O: “O,” open your heart to actually listen to God. Stop talking! Open your heart, and listen to Him.

U: The “U” is use your pain to make you stronger. Don’t try to wiggle out from under it. God doesn’t want to crush you through it. Use it to make you stronger.

G: The “G” is give thanks. We're told to give thanks in all things. It doesn't feel right. It feels counterintuitive, but do it anyway. Thank Him for it.

H: And then the last one is “H.” Help others who are going through their dark time. As soon as you get your focus off of you, you’d be amazed at how much easier it is to go through what you're going through.

Co-host of Tracey and Dave on SHINE-FM.