Twas The Day After Christmas

The Day After Christmas
by Tracey Tiernan

‘Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house
Not a soul was stirring, not even a mouse.
I tip-toed down to the kitchen alone
Made coffee and checked email on my phone

I thought of the presents we gave and received,
And wondered what we had truly achieved.
I thought of the budget and how well we blew it
I remembered my words, "Please, let’s just get through it."

The presents were everywhere, obscuring the tree
But I can’t even remember what my family got me.
Just yesterday, the morning couldn’t come too soon;
But today in this house, they’ll be sleeping til noon.

I thought of the food and how I stuffed my cheeks.
I thought of how crowded the gym would be next week,
The wrapping that took me hours to do,
Was undone yesterday, in a minute or two.

I pondered and reflected on important stuff,
Like time with my kids and did the beef seem too tough?
Where are the lids for the plastic containers?
Will we ever again see Lizzy’s retainer?

And in the quiet of the morning, as I turned on the tree,
A cliché I’d heard all season came back to me
“Don’t lose the real meaning, whatever you do…”
Maybe it’s a cliché, maybe it’s true.

Not sure how it happened, but it’s me this year.
The day after Christmas…feeling empty in here.
God has been so good and I’ve been so busy
Trying to create a holiday memory

And as my heart ached with what I had missed
My wife came downstairs and gave me a kiss
With that look that said it all, she knew how I felt
And so together before the Lord, in the living room we knelt

We thanked God for His many gifts, especially His Son.
And we asked Him to help us remember each one.
The kids came downstairs with their stories to share
Of God’s faithfulness, love and care

No wrapping paper, gift cards or standing in line,
God had been blessing us all of this time
‘Twas the day after Christmas, and I’m so happy today
Because the day after Christmas became our Christmas day.