Update on Mark Hall: The Pathology Report Is In

The following is an update from Melanie Hall, wife of Casting Crowns' lead singer Mark Hall. Mark had surgery on Wednesday to remove his kidney. You can find out more about that here. To follow Melanie's updates, make sure to like the Casting Crowns Facebook page.

I know that many of you are praying for us faithfully, so I wanted to give you an update on what's going on with Mark.

We are still in the hospital. Pretty much in the same "place" we were yesterday. Still working to get his pain under control and his digestive system moving. Doctors are no longer concerned because everything is progressing as it should, just slower than preferred. They say it's just taking his body longer to wake up. Still no definite plan on going home. We are tired but still in good spirits. 

We have some good news to share! The pathology report is in and the news is just as we expected and also an answer to the prayers we have all prayed. 

The pathology report confirms that the tumor was indeed kidney cancer but it was fully encased. The findings of the report confirm that the cancer had not spread to the kidney or anywhere else. Glory Hallelujah!! It was found in the earliest stage possible. For those of you that are more familiar with these type reports, it was labeled stage T1a.

Something else interesting is that it was also determined to be a nuclear level 3 cell type, which is aggressive. What that means is that it was active and ready to go somewhere. This just makes all of this even more of a miracle. I wish that I could explain in words how much of a miracle it was, but it would take too many words. And to be honest, I am too tired. 

But let me just say:
1. Casting Crowns is normally never off in March. 
2. Mark was not experiencing any symptoms related to this tumor (he was having gastric problems). 
3. Doctors do not routinely order CT scans with contrast for physicals.

God was at work in this before we had any idea. He is good that way.

We are thankful for His mercy and grace. We are thankful that He chose to answer our requests in this way.

I know that not everyone's stories have the desired ending. But I also know that God desires us to trust Him with it all anyway. Even still, He says He will work it all together for our good.

Thank you again for your continued prayers. For us, in this, the war is won but we still have to fight the recovery battle.

Keeping my mind steadfast on Him!