Want To Join This Bible Study With Me?

I found myself really needing something a little more from God right now, so I opened the YouVersion Bible app to see what studies were available. I saw a plan from Francis Chan on the front page, and clicked on it because I really like his teachings. Wouldn't you know it, the plan is exactly what I was telling God I needed.

Each day has a video that accompanies the study and only take a few minutes to watch. I'm on Day 2 of this 12-day plan, and it's been so meaningful diving in to the book of James and absorbing his teaching on how God molds us and shapes as we're being tested. 

Maybe you're being tested today, too. I want to invite you to walk with me through this 12-day devotional. Here's the video from Day 1 - I think you'll be as encouraged as I am. 

You can download the Bible app to your phone here and you can join the study online here

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