Were You There?

Often, the best way for me to reflect deeply on things that matter to me, is to write about them. So, I attempted to write a spoken word piece, (a poem), a few things about this season of Easter and the love of God that overwhelms me. I hope you enjoy!

"Were You There?" - written by Tracey Tiernan 

I was there on that Good Friday. Were you?

When blood thirsty crowds gathered to see the King of the Jews.

Three crosses on a hill…but only two were there against their will.

Because Jesus went there on his own.

Jesus went there FOR His own.

His sacrifice, the ultimate weapon of warfare.

Yes, I was definitely there.

I am a mother with a son. I am a warrior without a gun.

Fighting for my children, for their victories won.

I stand in the gap for them, I pray on my knees again and again.

They are my heart walking around outside my body,

love spilled on the ground.

And when my kids get hurt

It hurts me.

Almost unbearably.

So how could a Father who cares, give His son my cross to bear?

There’s no doubt. I was certainly there.


When Jesus stretched out his hands and bared his flesh to the nails

He was looking at me. He was in my details.

All of my life has been exposed to Him, long before I committed my first sin.

Or the one after that, and the thousands since then.

And it seems that the Father didn’t have to convince Him.

He just went. What was He thinking?

Was He crazy? Had he been drinking?

How could he - knowing me - still give me life and let me live it?

How could I - knowing Him - just live my life without Him in it?

I’ll never get over it. The way that He loves me.

With a love that is so deep and so far above me.

I read of that day and the horror unfolds.

The ground that shook and the Scriptures that foretold

Of the suffering innocent one, unconsoled.

There was no glory or gratitude,

no relief, no air.

Just throngs of people who were dead and unaware.

But somehow in His mind, my face appeared.

My desperate condition, my record, un-cleared.

Yes, my Jesus saw me, and volunteered.

So while much of the world still doesn’t care,

I pray for the world and this moment we share.

For when the Son of God took the cross to bear,

All of us, most certainly, definitely… were there.

Co-host of Tracey and Dave on SHINE-FM.