What Are You Chasing?

Occasionally, in the morning, I will look at different news sources just to see where people are at today, what people are talking about today, what we can share on the air today that would be an encouragement. And a lot of times I see things that are trending that just make me go:

"ugh, please tell me that's not trending." 

These are the things that people are thinking about and obsessing over. Here's just one example that popped up - it's a headline about Anne Hathaway, who's an actress that I love. She said that when she was 16 years old, she was asked to lose weight for a part. I just thought, "wow just 16 years old, having to lose weight to get a role in a movie."

But we chase after the perfect body image. We also chase after fame, riches, and building our brands. I'm not saying that all of those things are bad, but you know what's better? It's just better to pursue a relationship with the God who created you - the God who knows you intimately, who knows everything about you! I guarantee you, if you seek Him first, all the other good things that you really want (that are going to be good for you), He'll bring them.

God's love is better than all the things that we chase after.

Wait until that starts trending!