What Happens When God Puts Up A Roadblock

You know how God will take your plans and create something better out of them? That's what happened to us. 

On Day 5 of 12 Days of Joy, we issued the challenge to pay for someone's groceries or take a meal to someone who could use it. Each of the challenges we've given to you, we've done ourselves. Thanks to a generous SHINE-FM community partner who wants to stay anonymous, we were given $1000 to spend at the grocery store to bless people at the store. One problem: each of the stores we contacted, asking if we could be there to give away $1000 in groceries, said... no.


Their corporate offices declined. It kind of boggled our mind, and it made us disappointed. But in our disappointment, isn't that where God shows up best?

We prayed, asking God for direction on how to honor the gift that was given to us to be able to bless people. The Lord answered our prayer and reminded us of a SHINE-FM listener who is a principal at a school in our area that serves many underprivileged families. For many of these families, the meals the children receive at school are their only meals. The principal was overjoyed when we asked if we could provide Christmas dinner for twenty-five families in her school.

The video you see above is the joy Tracey, Mike, and Dave had filling grocery carts, knowing that because of God's intervention, we'd be able to fill the tummies and hearts of some wonderful people in our community. It was all because God put up a roadblock and made us change our plans for His. It didn't feel good in the moment, but God showed us once again to always be open to His diversion, even with the best intentioned plans!