What Is The Purpose Of Life?

Jack: So, what do you think one of the top phrases that people Google would be: What is the purpose of life?

People just ya know, open up the computer and pop that in. Here is what Greg Laurie says "Our ultimate purpose is not to attain success, fame, or even happiness..." That's kind of a crusher isn't it?

He says our ultimate purpose is "to know the God who made us and until we enter into that relationship, we're falling short of what is possible and attainable to us."

I am so interested in, and you see it in Hollywood all the time, these tragic stories of this fame. This fame that you want and people get it, and it's either a burden or nothing like they'd ever imagined. And all these things we're trying to get, that bigger house or that bigger car, its all empty. It doesn't work. It just doesn't work.

Erin: I'm just processing and thinking through what you're saying and yea it doesn't work. And you find that, okay now you have it, now what? Now that you have that thing, what's next? And Jesus is the only thing that you can actually have and be able to go "I want more and I can have more! I can have more of Him."

Jack: Yes, and the joy that you get from Him does not change with the circumstances. Good circumstances, bad circumstances - that joy always stays the same. So, the stuff ain't gonna cut it.

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