What Tupperware Taught Me


My mom pulled this pitcher out to serve iced tea, and I gasped, "Mom! That pitcher looks just like the one we had when I was little!" 

"It is," she said. 

That ugly pitcher has been around for over 50 years at the table in my family. Thinking of all the conversations that happened around it, all the hands that passed it around, all the cups it has filled, all the family stuff that has long ago been thrown out and replaced with shiny new things... and yet, here’s this old pitcher.

I remember when it was heavy to my little hands to pick it up and pour my own lemonade. And now I’m at my mom and Stan’s house on my 55th birthday, and we are passing it around, filling our cups.

We don’t always think about the things - or the people - that fill our cups consistently for years and years. We just use them and put them aside when we don’t need them.

Let’s not treat those people like Tupperware.

Co-host of Tracey and Dave on SHINE-FM.