When The Light Inside Feels Broken

by Tauren Wells, Royal Tailor

My friend posted this photo on his Instagram and I was immediately struck by it.  

It was just a note on a vending machine that read, "The light inside has broken but I still work."  


That sentence perfectly defines the human reality in which so many of us exist. 

Working and doing.

Functioning, yes, yet without the light inside. We operate, but if we're honest it's merely cruise control living, void of any real sense of joy, meaning, or purpose.  

That's why we need Jesus. Jesus illuminates our world and delights in shining within and from us. His love casts light, purpose, and a sense of true destiny inside of us all. James actually refers to God as the "Father of Lights," (James 1:17) and when we allow Him to shine through the prism of our lives we fill the world beautiful light.  

This doesn't always change what we do in life. It doesn't always change what things we distribute to the world, but it does give clarity and purpose to WHY we do it.  

So, to the saint or sinner, lost, wandering, or found; the church leader, educator, or MD; artist, mother, or student: there may be a part of you that has been broken but there's no wound deeper than God's healing. There is nothing He won't fix. There is no one He won't use to distribute His light. Don't settle for a dark life lived out in meaningless routine and utility. Live full of the love, life, and light of God!

Who knew that, in some small way, you could find God in a vending machine?

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