Where To Begin

A distraction, coping with insomnia, or wanting to look fabulous before a major social event, all of these are perfect reasons to start getting fit. Beginning is where it is, no matter how it’s initiated.

For me, it began as a combination of moving to a new city, letting go of a relationship, and trying to relieve the stress of a new job. Little did I know the genesis of my fitness journey would lead to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and a group fitness instructor. Now I can’t go one day without doing something active. 

That doesn't sound like you? It wasn’t me either! I could barely run a half mile three years ago without feeling like my heart was going to explode. Then I realized it was a process, a story that begins and doesn’t stop unless I do.

How about we do something together? Let’s initiate your story. This is how it happens

  1. Start. Yes, that’s it. Begin somewhere. Even if it’s 25 jumping jacks a day. Do it.
  2. Keep doing it. Whatever “it” is. Don’t stop.
  3. Add on to what your beginning “it” was. 25 jacks turns into 50 then 100 and then a half mile jog.
  4. Feeling uncomfortable (not pain) is a major goal…because you WILL feel uncomfortable. But fitness begins at the end of your comfort zone.

One day at a time. Start…today. You can do it!

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