Why I'm The Crazy Lady Putting Makeup On In The Car

We loved this post so much from SHINE-FM listener Kelly, and she was gracious to let us to share it!

The next time you see a woman putting her makeup on in the car, it may not because she's in a rush. Maybe it's because she's choosing some better things. 


Why am I always the crazy lady sitting in her car putting her makeup on before an event/meeting? People probably think it's because I'm a hot mess and don't have my stuff together. That's part of it, but I felt the need to share the other real, deliberate reasons.

1. I like to leave the house bare faced in front of my girls so they don't always see mommy putting makeup on as if it's a necessity. 

2. I would rather get to my destination and THEN put it on IF I have the time. I'd rather be bare faced and on time than late with makeup on. 

3. Sometimes I listen to music or pray in the car and it makes me cry. So, I leave room for emotions. 

So, THERE! Now you know my madness. I'm not entirely a hot mess.

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