Why You're Having Trouble Hearing Us

Q: Sometimes I can’t hear 95.1 SHINE-FM in the warmer months. Why?

A: It’s all because of the weather. Typically during warmer months, an atmospheric phenomenon called “thermal inversion” affects our signal. Basically, cool, humid air occasionally gets trapped below a blanket of warm air. The signal then “skips” along the top side of the warm air blanket, reflecting it into space—it can’t penetrate the cold air down to your radio. The problem is worse in the early mornings, just after the coolest part of the night, with areas northeast and northwest of Baltimore most affected.

Q: What can be done to fix it?

A: There is nothing that we can physically do. Fortunately, the problem resolves itself as the rising sun warms the earth and the air layer above it, usually taking place as the morning progresses. All that to say there isn’t much that can be done—except hang in there with us!

Q: What other listening options do I have?

A: You can listen to 95.1 SHINE-FM on your computer and mobile phone. On the computer, go to our website at, then click the "Listen Live" button on the homepage. Our streaming player will open.

On your mobile phone, download our mobile app from either the iPhone or Android app stores.