You Can't Change Anything By Freaking Out

Can I tell you... I LOVE that line from Jason Gray's song, "Sparrows."

It's one of the newest songs to the SHINE-FM playlist and every time I hear it, I just nod my head, "Yup."

Ever time I freak out, I learn just how my weak my trust in God is. If I only trust Him when things are good, then that's not trust at all. 

Every time I freak out, nothing changes, except for me. And not for the better.

Every time I freak out, I lose perspective.

Every time I freak out, I lose trust.

Every time I freak out, I lose. 

Like Peter, I can walk on the proverbial waters when my gaze is on the Lord. But the minute I take my eyes off Him, I freak out (like Peter) and begin to sink. Thankfully, the Lord is so gracious that each time He extends His hand of grace to me, pulling me back up. He's never once failed to extend His hand to me, and I'm so grateful.