You Never Know How You'll Impact Someone's Day

You never know just how much impact your actions can make!

On the first day of 12 Days of Joy, the 36 Baltimore area Chick-fil-A restaurants partnered with us to give away 10,000 Chick-fil-A "Be Our Guest" cards, good for a free chicken biscuit or chicken sandwich. Nearly 2,000 SHINE-FM listeners showed up at five locations throughout the day to grab some #ActsThatSHINE cards to give away to friends, co-workers, and strangers. The hope was to start an avalanche of joy, or at least impact one person's day for the better during the Christmas season. 

Amanda was one such person. Here's what she told us on the 95.1 SHINE-FM Facebook page

Yesterday, a lady came into the store and did what she probably thought was a small kind gesture, but it meant the world to me. She gave me a gift card for a free Chick-fil-A sandwich.

What she didn't realize, though, was that I forgot to bring lunch with me that day and due to Black Friday shopping, I couldn't even afford 5 dollars for a meal. I was planning on spending my entire 8-9 hour shift not eating anything and I hadn't eaten that morning either because eating in the morning makes me sick. So, basically I wouldn't have gotten to eat till 7 pm if it weren't for that one small kind act.

So, even though I know you're not reading this, THANK YOU KIND STRANGER.

You literally made my entire week.


Keep those #ActsThatSHINE going because they are making a difference!