You'll Look At Your Phone Differently When You Read This


Get ready for this one. 

Jen Beason, an elementary school teacher in Louisiana, asked her second grade class to write a short essay on the invention they don't like. Out of her twenty-one students, four responded they don't like the invention of the phone. 

Understandably, the teacher set her Facebook page to private after her post went viral, but USA Today shared this screenshot of the letter one of her students wrote. 

The letter reads, "If I had to tell you what invention I don’t like I would say that I don’t like the phone. I don’t like the phone because my parent [sic] are on their phone every day. A phone is sometimes a really bad habet [sic]. I hate my mom’s phone and I wish she never had one. That is a [sic] invention that I don’t like.”


Teacher Jen Beason adds, "Out of 21 students, 4 wrote on this topic."

Double W-O-W.

Parents, our kids notice our phones, and they feel like they're coming in second to it. Our kids should never feel like they rate lower than our phones. We know our phones tend to be "necessary" for work, but we can definitely make sure our kids don't feel second to a phone. 

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