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Remembering Ravi: 10 Quotes From Ravi Zacharias

Ravi Zacharias smiling in a black and white picture with a black backdrop
May 20, 2020
95.1 Shine

On May 19th, renowned Christian teacher and author Ravi Zacharias passed away from cancer and entered into the presence of Jesus.

Zacharias founded Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and spent his life spreading the good news of Christ all around the globe. Although he is no longer with us here on earth, we can have peace knowing that his ministry and legacy will live on and that he is now with the Savior that he cherished and so tirelessly served.

Here are 10 powerful quotes to help us remember Ravi Zacharias and his dedication to sharing the Gospel.

  • “A man rejects God neither because of intellectual demands nor because of the scarcity of evidence. A man rejects God because of a moral resistance that refuses to admit his need for God.”
  • “Having the answers is not essential to living. What is essential is the sense of God’s presence during dark seasons of questioning.”
  • “One of the most staggering truths of the Scriptures is to understand that we do not earn our way to heaven. …works have a place–but as a demonstration of having received God’s forgiveness, not as a badge of merit of having earned it.”
  • “Pleasure without God, without the sacred boundaries, will actually leave you emptier than before. And this is biblical truth, this is experiential truth. The loneliest people in the world are amongst the wealthiest and most famous who found no boundaries within which to live. That is a fact I’ve seen again and again.”
  • “Beginning well is a momentary thing; finishing well is a lifelong thing.”
  • “Unless I understand the Cross, I cannot understand why my commitment to what is right must take precedence over what I prefer.”
  • “I think the reason we sometimes have the false sense that God is so far away is because that is where we have put him. We have kept him at a distance, and then when we are in need and call on him in prayer, we wonder where he is. He is exactly where we left him.”
  • “The purpose of prayer and of God’s call in your life is not to make you number one in the world’s eyes, but to make him number one in your life. We must be willing to be outshone while shining for God.” 
  • “That’s why I preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Because to me, the problem isn’t external. It’s internal. When the heart is transformed, you learn to live peaceably with your fellow human being
  • “Love is a commitment that will be tested in the most vulnerable areas of spirituality, a commitment that will force you to make some very difficult choices. It is a commitment that demands that you deal with your lust, your greed, your pride, your power, your desire to control, your temper, your patience, and every area of temptation that the Bible clearly talks about. It demands the quality of commitment that Jesus demonstrates in His relationship to us.”

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