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The Jingle Bell Tracking System – For Moms Keeping Track of Toddlers While Working From Home

July 21, 2020

What’s the most common phrase shouted from room-to-room in your home?

“Who has Nora?” is ours.

With COVID-19, both Joel, my husband, and I have shifted to working from home. He gets the “good” office with the standing desk, and I got the closet. 

I have several daily coworkers, as you can see here. And for the most part, right before I say something in a sweet tone about “keeping you encouraged all afternoon long…” my family gets to hear “CAN YOU ALL JUST KEEP IT DOWN FOR TWO MORE SECONDS PLEASE. I’M NOT GOING TO ASK AGAIN.”

Aside from a bit too much screen time, our 13 year old and 8 year old are pretty self sufficient as far as keeping themselves away from danger and self-regulating the appropriate amount of semi-healthy snacks. Our 3-year-old, however, needs much more supervision, which often gets subcontracted out to the older kids if Joel and I are both on a Zoom meeting or a call.

This is why “Who has Nora” is often shouted from room to room. If you are the youngest member of your family, perhaps you know what it’s like to have everyone think the other person is supervising you.  After a few near-misses of her climbing/jumping/eating/hiding which invoked a surge of adrenaline, we finally devised this system:

The Jingle Bell Tracking Device. It’s cost effective, necessary, and makes the house sound like Christmas in July. Highly recommended. 🙂 All you need is a small bell and a scrunchie. Voila! My only suggestion is making more than one so you aren’t like me constantly asking, “Nora, where’s your bell? Put your bell on.”

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