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Treasured Moments In Black History: The March On Washington

February 19, 2021
95.1 Shine

Hope has a strange way of shining. It’s most evident in difficult times. This is Treasured Moments In Black History.

“Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

This quote comes from the famous “I Have A Dream” speech given on August 29th, 1963 at the end of the March on Washington.

Imagine 250,000 marching together, side by side, demanding that changes take place in our country’s legislation. Changes such as the immediate elimination of all racial discrimination in public schools throughout the nation, and federal law prohibiting discrimination in hiring workmen, either public or private.

As the march went on, more and more people joined: men, women, pastors, teachers, Blacks, whites, politicians. Toward the end of the march at the Lincoln Memorial, John Lewis was quoted by saying, “By the force of our demands, our determination, and our numbers, we shall splinter the segregated South into a thousand pieces and put them back together in the image of God and democracy.”

The March on Washington was an amazing success. Despite over one thousand military soldiers, there were no major disturbances.

Many people in America saw for the first time Blacks and whites united and marching together side by side.

This Moody Radio production is brought to you by Moody Publishers and their book Say It! Celebrating Expository Preaching
in the African American Tradition
by Eric C. Redmond.

In every generation, God uses ordinary people to accomplish great things!
Treasured Moments in Black History by Moody Radio remembers the people and events in America that have shaped
history and inspired lives. By looking back and highlighting these moments, you will be inspired,
enriched and encouraged in your faith walk to make history for God’s kingdom.

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